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September Newsletter

WELCOME! To all of our returning and new students to Klamath Dance for another fun filled year of dance with classes beginning Monday, Sept. 10th.
Newsletter: This newsletter is published monthly and is packed with information such as up-coming events, workshop information, important dates, and other various items of interest to students and parents. This newsletter is a way to communicate with everyone. Please read your newsletter thoroughly each month. Newsletters can be found on the black metal stand located in the lobby.
Facebook: become facebook friends with Klamath Dance and receive first-hand information, reminders, notices!
Tuition: Tuition is due by the 10th of each month. A $5.00 late fee will be charged on all past due accounts.
Automatic Visa Payments: parents have the opportunity to pay tuition via Visa, Master Card or debit card automatically. If you are interested in this feature, and have not yet signed up, please pick up a form in the lobby. Automatic payments will begin October 1st.
Aerial Silks, Lyra Classes: sign up for aerial silks or Lyra classes! Cost per month is $75.00. Classes are held at our satellite location at 2960 Maywood Drive #8.
Parent Observation Week: Studio policy for observation states that parents and guardians may watch classes during the first full week of class each month, unless otherwise posted. Please be courteous to your child and instructor while in the classroom. We kindly ask that you not talk or allow other children to disrupt the classroom. NO parent observation will be held for September due to the influx of new students into classes and the children are getting acquainted with instructors.
Dress Code: Students must be in dress code when they attend class. Dress code applies to all dancers in all classes. No Bare Midriffs! Dress code is not only a studio policy, but it is a part of the discipline of dance. When all students follow dress code, it helps set the atmosphere for the class and keeps attention focused on dancing and not on fashion. Students not following dress code, two classes in a row, will sit out the next class. Clothing is available to borrow if needed.
Classroom Rules of Conduct: Please be aware of these rules of conduct in class.
-Be on time to class
-Follow dress code
-Pull your hair back (in bun)
-Be courteous to fellow students
-No talking when the teacher is talking
-Dance as a team with classmates
-Be ready to dance and ready to learn
-Put your shoes on before class
-No gum or food inside the class
-Water bottles only are allowed in class
Pointe: Pointe is the goal of many ballet students. It is usually preceded by many years of hard work. All pre-pointe/pointe students must take two ballet classes per week for two years and are encouraged to study other disciplines. Students must be strong, flexible and dedicated. Depending on different body types, most dancers are allowed to try pre-pointe when they are 12-14 years of age, and only after completing the two ballet classes for two years requirement. However, pointe is not for every dancer. Many dancers do not have the right shape of foot, have knee or back problems, weak ankles….the list goes on. A big factor in most dancers’ lives is the lack of time and to be able to commit to attending classes two or more times per week, plus all the home practice and stretching, shoe maintenance and homework from school. All dancers must have good technique on soft shoe in order to have good technique on pointe. Exceptional attendance is a must!
Wireless Internet: Parents can surf the net, retrieve e-mails, update face book accounts, or work on personal business while waiting for your dancer. Dancers can also complete their homework while they wait between classes.
Dance Team: The “Dedication to Dance” dance team is a non-profit extension of Klamath Dance and was established to further develop the mind, body and spirit of a dancer through the discipline and dedication through the art of dance. Dancers learn good sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, self-confidence and responsibility. As a result, lifelong essential characteristics, such as, positive self-esteem, confidence, poise, leadership and social skills are gained. If you are interested in becoming a part of the “Dedication to Dance” team, you can sign up at the front counter.
Attendance: Attendance is a BIG part of the commitment to dance. If you feel your dancer cannot attend at least 90% of the classes during the September-December session, please let the instructor know. Class space is very important and if you depart we cannot fill that space again. Beginning October 1st, a $20.00 drop fee will be charged to any dancer who cannot complete the session.
Please refer to the attendance contract that you signed when you registered for classes. Thank you!

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