Monthly Newsletters

May 2019
Costumes: will start to be handed out the week of May 6, 2019. All balances need to be paid in full before your dancer will be able to take their costume home. Inside the costume bags you will find some very important information that you need to hang on to until the recital. Information consists of: picture schedule, rehearsal and recital schedules and the summer schedule. All headpieces for the dancers’ costumes will be available on picture day to use for the photos, but will have to be turned back in on picture day for us to hold until the recital so they will not get misplaced.
Picture Day – May 17th & May 18th: Friday, May 17th, is picture day for Creative I & II, Pre-Ballet/Tap w/Becky, Ballet IV/V, Jazz IV/V, Hip-Hop IV/V, and Tap IV/V. Saturday, May 18th, is picture day for Pre-Ballet/Tap w/Bonnie, Intro. I & II, Level I & II (Ballet/Tap/Jazz), Hip-Hop I/II/III, Tap III, and Jazz III. Pictures will be taken at Klamath Dance, by Vallejo’s Photography. Schedules and order forms will be passed out prior to picture day. Dancers need to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled photo session, and dressed in their complete costume. Payment for pictures are due on picture day.
Tights: one pair of tights will be included with your dancer’s costume packet. Any additional tights are not included with the cost of the costume and need to be purchased from KD&E so that all of the dancers look alike.
Helpers Backstage: If you are interested in helping, please sign-up on the sheet on the counter in the lobby. Keep in mind that if you sign up to help during the rehearsals, you are required to help during the recital too. Helpers are also needed to work in the lobby during the day of the recital. Ask Becky or Michelle if you have questions.
Rehearsal Week: is May 28th, May 29th and May 30th. Rehearsals are held at the Ross Ragland Theater. Rehearsal times vary according to which class your dancer is in. Thursday, May 30th is dress rehearsal. Please refer to the rehearsal schedule included in the costume packet for times and dress code.
Rehearsal Absences: if you know your dancer is going to miss one of the rehearsals, please send a note or leave a message.
Recital Ticket Sales: Tickets for the Spring Recital are available to purchase at RRT on May 1st.
Recital DVD’s: the Spring Recital will be professionally video-taped and will be available for purchase on DVD for $28.00 for one show and $45.00 for both shows. Orders can be placed before, during intermission and after both recitals. Mail in orders need to be received no later than June 22nd. Payment is required at the time orders are placed and cannot be charged to a dancer’s account.
50/50 Raffle: purchase your ticket before and during intermission at each spring recital performance for $1.00 each or six for $5.00. Try your luck and be the winner of half of the money received. Proceeds go toward the “Dedication to Dance” team fund!
Raffle: support the “Dedication to Dance” team by purchasing a raffle ticket before and during intermission at each spring recital performance. Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. You could be the lucky winner of a wonderful gift basket!
Flower Sales: the “Dedication to Dance” team will, once again, be selling flowers before and during intermission at both spring recital performances at the Ross Ragland Theater. Stop by in the lobby on your way to your seat and surprise your favorite dancer on their special day on stage. Make a memory that they will always remember!
Program Advertising: if you, or someone you know, owns a business and is interested in purchasing a business card size ad to be included in the recital program, we accept print ready artwork for a donation of $10.00 per advertisement. A Quarter page (half page) advertisement is $25.00. Parents can also add a note to their dancer to let them know how proud you are of them for all to see!
Summer Classes: registration for summer classes are being accepted. Please sign up now with Michelle in the office. Schedules will be included in the recital costume packets. Summer classes begin June 25th.
Lost & Found: please do not forget to check the lost and found box for any clothing or dancewear that your dancer may have lost. Contents will be donated to the Goodwill at the end of May.
Parent’s Observation Week: there will be NO parent’s observation in May. All of the class time is needed so that the dancers will have time to perfect their dances for the spring recital. Thank you for understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
May 10, 2019: account balances are due. Please do not let any unpaid balances continue throughout the summer.
Attendance: Spring Fever is in the air and dancers want to be somewhere other than dance class. Everyone has been working hard for the chance to dance on the Ross Ragland stage, and that time is almost here. Attendance is very important to everyone, and we understand the desire not to attend. Only four classes remain and soon all dancers will be awarded for their hard work and dedication on June 1st. If you drop class now, you will be responsible for May tuition, payment for the costume and a $20.00 drop fee. Please hang in there and let your instructors know if you are having a hard time getting motivated to attend class. Trust us, we know what you are going through, and you will be glad that you have seen your goal through to the end! Keep on Dancing!
Aerial Classes: sign up for aerial silks or lyra classes for summer! Classes are $75.00 per month. We will be having special summer classes too so look for schedules!
Memorial Day: classes will not be held on Monday, May 27th, in observance of Memorial Day. Recital rehearsals will begin Tuesday, May 28th at the Ross Ragland Theater.
Aerial Showcase: on Friday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $14.00 (not including RRT surcharges) sold at the RRT box office beginning May 1st. The performance will be held at the RRT. The theme for the Aerial Showcase is “Wander”.

APRIL 2019
Recital Title: The title for the Spring Recital, on Saturday, June 1, 2019, is: “Grandma’s Attic”. The recital will be performed at the Ross Ragland Theater, with two shows available for your viewing at 3:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. One free ticket will be offered to dancers that wish to watch the show that they are not dancing in, only if accompanied by an adult who purchases a ticket. This ticket is non-transferable.
Recital Tickets: will be available for sale, at the Ross Ragland Theater box office, beginning May 1st. Tickets will be selling for $14.00 each for reserved seating. Please note that the RRT charges an additional $2.00 to $4.00 on top of our ticket price, so the total will be $16.00 to $18.00 per ticket.
Spring Circus Showcase: now is your chance to watch the Aerial Silks and Lyra students show off their talents at the Ross Ragland on Friday, May 31, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be available for purchase on May 1st at the RRT box office for $16.00 to $18.00 (with the surcharges). The title for the Circus Showcase is “Wander”.
Class Attendance: There are approximately eight weeks of class time remaining before the Spring Recital. Weekly attendance is very important to ensure that your dancer has ample time to learn and perfect their dance for the performance. If you know your child will be missing classes between now and the show, please let their instructor know.
Volunteers: volunteers are needed to help back stage during both shows the day of the recital, and during rehearsals. You can sign up for the performance of your choice or for both shows and for rehearsal days. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the counter in the lobby soon. Thank you in advance for your help and support!
Shoe Orders: please check to see if your dancer will need to order new shoes before the spring recital!
Costumes: the costumes will begin to arrive soon but will be held until all of the costumes have arrived. The first week of May all costumes will be handed out, along with the recital “hand-outs” which will be included the rehearsal schedules, picture order forms, picture day schedules, and summer schedules. Please take time to read all of the information included. Tights are included with the costumes again this year.
Class Pictures: will be taken at Klamath Dance by: Vallejos Photography on Friday, May 10th, and Saturday, May 11th. A schedule and price list will be handed out to the students. All students are encouraged to attend picture day to get a group photo taken of their class so we can hang a copy on the “Wall of Fame”, and so that any student ordering a picture package can receive a picture of their class mates as well. You do not have to purchase pictures if you do not wish to.
Costume Balances: all account balances need to be paid in full in order for your dancer to receive his/her costume. Check with Michelle or Becky for a current balance. Thank you!
Verify Student’s Spelling of Names for the Program: Please take the time to verify the correct spelling of your dancer’s name as you would like to see it appear in the recital program. You can find the spelling of your dancer’s name printed beside the picture of their class costume in the blue binder on the front counter. Please feel free to make changes at this time on the class costume pages.
Parent’s Observation Week: Parent’s Observation week for April will be held April 1st thru the 4th. It is the first FULL week of classes for April.
Program Advertising: Once again we will be offering advertising in the Recital Program for businesses, or for parents that would like to print a special message for their dancers to see. Advertising space will available for only $10.00 per business-card size spot. Please include a business card that is print ready. Each program has this page included and is an excellent way to let the community know what your business is up to! Larger advertising space is also available for only $25.00. Please submit print ready artwork no later then May 25, 2018.
Aerial Silks & Lyra Classes: sign-up now for Aerial Silks or Lyra classes now. Watch for new tiny tot Aerial Silks classes and other summer offerings.
Summer Classes: The summer session of dance will begin June 25th and will be a six-week session. Sign-up sheets and schedules will be available in the office and in the costume packets.
Dance Competition: wish your class mates good luck as they compete in the “Turn It Up” dance competition in Eugene, May 3rd-5th. They have been working long and hard and are very excited to compete.
Bakery: Have you noticed the Heavenly aromas floating around the studio lately? That is because we have a new bakery in the little kitchen by the second entrance to the studio. Stop by and see Jeannine Beezly and her yummy treats at her shop “Give Me Some Sugar”!
Tuition: April tuition is due the 10th. A late fee of $5.00 will be posted on the 11th if payment is not received.

March 2019
Spring Break: classes WILL NOT be held during the week of Spring Break, March 25th-29th. Classes will resume as usual on Monday, April 1, 2019. A make up class will not be needed since classes are based on a three to five week month.
Costume Balances: The costume balances have been posted to the dancer’s accounts and are due by March 10th.
Cell Phones: no cell phones are allowed in the classroom! All phones need to be turned OFF during class. Phone calls & texting have been going on in the classrooms. If a student is caught using his or her phone, it will be taken by the instructor and kept until the end of class. Please be courteous to your instructor.
Did You Know?! The first Swan Lake Ballet was performed at the Bolshoi on March 4, 1877, and was a complete failure. It took eighteen years before it was performed as a success!
What A Smile Can Do! A smile lends beauty to the face and a sparkle to the eye that age and time cannot erase as all the years slip by.

Smiles of friendliness and love are always a delight and have the capacity of making spirits light. A smile can chase the blues away and also dry a tear when soothing words are hard to say to someone we hold dear.

Dancers & Nutrition: Calories! Calories are a way of measuring energy in food. Just like inches and feet are ways of measuring height. So, why do so many people count calories? Unlike inches and feet, more are not necessarily good. Energy comes from different sources in food such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. The problem comes when too many of your calories come from fat. Most people that are counting calories are just measuring how much fat they take in. Luckily, the majority of people who do physical activities after school, like dance or sports, do not need to count calories. In fact, no one should ever change or start a diet without talking to a doctor, dietitian and parents. All you need to do is eat a balanced diet!
Attendance: There are approximately 13 more weeks of class left before the recital. It is very important to attend all of the remaining classes left before the recital to assure that your dancer learns the dance to perform in the recital. If you know that your dancer will not be present for any of the classes, please let their instructor know so we do not worry about their attendance. If a student is missing classes regularly, a phone call will be made to check on their whereabouts. Only 3 class absences (with prior notice) are allowed. If a dancer misses 6 classes they will not be allowed to dance in the recital. Please communicate with your instructor!
Parent’s Observation Week: there is NO parent’s observation for March since we have a short month due to spring break. We apologize for any inconvenience.
March Tuition: March tuition is due by March 10, 2019.
Recital Tickets: will go on sale May 1st. Ticket costs for both shows will be $14.00 per person and will be available at the Ross Ragland Theater. Please note that the Ross Ragland charges a $2.00 surcharge per ticket in addition to our price.
Recital: the date for the Spring Recital is Saturday, June 1, 2019, at the Ross Ragland Theater.
Circus Recital: the Aerial and Lyra students will be performing in their own recital at the Ross Ragland Theater on Friday, May 31st at 7:00 pm. Tickets will go on sale May 1st at the RRT box office for $14.00. Please allow for the additional surcharges that the Ross Ragland charges.
Picture Day: picture day is Friday, May 10th for the upper level classes, and Saturday, May 11th for the lower level classes. Vallejos Photography will be taking the photos and they will be held at Klamath Dance. Each class will have a specific time to attend and the schedule will be sent out shortly.
Costumes: if you would like to see what your dancer’s spring recital costume looks like, thumb through the blue binder in the front office. While you are looking at the costumes, please double check to see if we spelled your dancer’s name correctly. Feel free to change the names if they are spelled wrong. These are the spellings that will be used in the spring recital program and we do not want to make an error.

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