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  • Dress code consists of: pink tights, black leotard and appropriate dance shoes. (Hip-hop is the only class that may have a different dress code; please check with the office). Dancers not in dress code for two consecutive classes will be asked to sit out the third class. (Dancewear is available for purchase from the studio.) Printable Dress Code
  • Hair must be pulled back and secured from the face and neck. (Bun is preferred)
  • Students must be on time to class! Three tardies will be considered one absence. (see attendance policy)
  • NO GUM!
  • FOOD AND DRINK: Water bottles are allowed only if they close tightly. Snacks and meals must be eaten at the tables in the student waiting areas.
  • Parents and visitors are not allowed in classrooms except during parent observation (first full week of class in designated months) or if invited by instructor
  • Dancers name should be marked in all shoes and dancewear! Items are regularly misplaced! KD&E is not responsible for lost items.


  • There are approximately 14 weeks of dance in the Fall Session, ending on the Friday of Winter Break
  • There are approximately 21 weeks of dance in the Spring Session, ending the last Saturday in May

Any dancer missing 4 classes in any one of these sessions may be unable to perform in either the Winter Showcase or Spring Recital. (Instructor approval is necessary). Any dancer missing 6 or more classes WILL NOT be allowed to perform. At the beginning of each session the students begin with a clean slate.

This policy may seem strict and unfair, however, dance is a learned performance art and if students are not in class, they are missing valuable instruction. It is also not fair to the other students who are attending regularly to have to cover old material repeatedly in class to catch up students who were absent.

We understand that emergencies and illnesses do occur and all cases will be examined on an individual basis by all of the instructors.

COMMUNICATION IS VITAL BETWEEN STUDENTS AND THEIR INSTRUCTORS! If you are going to be missing class and have prior knowledge, it is important to let your teacher know. Phoning and leaving a message on the machine or with the office assistant is encouraged if you will be missing class without having given prior notice.

All of our students are important to us and quality instructional time is valuable in order to provide and fun and enjoyable dance experience.

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